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ZKS-A3 Fingerprint Access Control

ZKS-A3 Fingerprint Access Control
  • ZKS-A3 Fingerprint Access Control
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ZKS-A3 professional access control and time attendance terminal
RS232, RS485, TCP/ IP, USB, 3000 fingerprint templates


New version of North Korean algorithms with high dependability and accuracy

Fast identification speed: processing up to 3000 fingerprint templates, no matter good or poor, within 0. 7 second.
Built in embedded standalone module (ZKS700) with high performance SAMSUNG 32 bit X-scale CPU, big capacity FLASH and CMOS chips, easy to integrate with various systems.
Large store capacity: 3000 fingerprint templates and 80000 transactions
Various communication modes: TCP/ IP, serial port and Weigand interface
Audio-Visual indications for acceptance of valid fingerprints and rejection of invalid ones
Supports 50 time zones, 5 groups and 10 unlock

SDK for OEM and software developer

Technical Parameters

User capacity: 3000

Transaction Storage: 80000

Data maintenance: Keep data for 3 years without external current

Communication: TCP/ IP, USB

Capacity of network connection: 31 units (RS485 mode) , 255 units (TCP/ IP)

Distance: 1200m (RS485)

Port rate: 9600192003840057600115200 (bps)

Verification mode: 1: N

FAR: (0. 0001%

FRR: (0. 01%

Response time: (0. 7 second

Screen Display: Name, time, ID number

Language and voice: Chinese, English, Spanish etc.

Working mode: Access control and Time & attendance, network or standalone

Access control mode: Fingerprint, password

Access control parameters: Supports 50 time zones, 5 groups and 10 unlock combinations.

Alarm clock: 24 kinds (embedded music alarm) , circulate, can connect to external clock

Power saving: Turn off device automatically to save energy

External function (access control) : Connect to external E-lock, E-bell and annunciator

Power supply: DC12V, 3A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )

Size: 196*44*119mm

Warranty period: 12 months

Temperature and humidity: 0-45, 20%-80%

Optional: Proximity or Mifare card reader, and Annunciator

Applications: Factory/ office/ bank/ hotel etc.