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ZKS-L2 Fingerprint Door Lock

ZKS-L2 Fingerprint Door Lock
  • ZKS-L2 Fingerprint Door Lock
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L2-professional fingerprint door lock

L2 is a standalone fingerprint door lock with good performance, designed specially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products. It could store 60 fingerprint templates (5 administrators and 55 users) . It is very suitable for home, villa, slap-up dwelling house because of its delicacy appearance and stronger security of shape mold.

. New version of Korean algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved, process 60 fingerprints, no matter good or poor, within 0. 7 second.

. Fashion and exquisite design, easy to install.

. Stable electronic components, Superior reliable, durable and low power consumption

. Sensor with quality image, accepts dry, wet fingers.

. Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency.

. Streamline front panel, 12 key-stokes

. Standby mechanical keys for emergency

. The surface of shell is chrome plates and can never wear out

. Low power consumption, and particular technology of energy, conservation can protract the longevity of the products.

Technical Parameters

Fingerprint capacity: 60

Sensor: Optical fingerprint scanning, super abrasion resistance (500DPI)

Finger operation angle: 360 degree

Fingerprint setup template: One fingerprint template generated per twice times

Verification mode: 1: N

FRR: 0.01%

FAR: 0.0001%

Response time: (0.7 second

Static power: 10uA

Dynamic power: 250mA

Working mode: Standalone, can work persistently

Unlocked mode: Fingerprint, password, key

Size: 270*67mm

Weight: Net Weight: 4.5 KG, Gross Weight: 5.5kg

Power supply: DC9V, 4 units of AA alkaline batteries

Warranty of period: 12 months
Temperature and humidity: -15 to 55, 0%-99%
Applications: Factory/ office/ bank/ hotel/ laboratory etc