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RFID Time Attendance ZKS-T8 TOUCH-TUID

RFID Time Attendance ZKS-T8 TOUCH-TUID
  • RFID Time Attendance ZKS-T8 TOUCH-TUID
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Product Description

1. This RFID time attendance has build in RFID card reader, which also can option Mifare card reader.

2. This time attendance has 3.5 inches TFT touch screen, you can add staff name, shift and photo on machine directly through this touch screen.

3. This terminal can be used as professional access control system because of duress alarm function.

4. DHCP function can get IP address automatically, it is easy for you to communicate machine with PC when doesn't know your local IP address.

5. Build in Web server enables you to remote control machine to do some setting and check attendance records easily.


1. Build in camera can not only take picture for users timing, but also real time monitor user's attendance status.

2. Users can query their attendance records on machine directly after inputting their ID number.

3. Duress alarm function improves highest security for access control, when users are threatened to open the door by intruder, they can use duress finger to activate duress alarm for help.

4. Different kinds of communication methods with PC, such as RS232/485, TCP/ IP, WEB Server, and USB, also can option WIFI.

5. Time Attendance mode: Fingerprint, password, fingerprint and password

6. Access Control: Supports 31 time zone per day, 20 groups and 10 unlock combinations

Technical Parameters

1. Card type: build in RFID card reader

2. Verification mode: 1: N, 1: 1

3. FAR: ≤0. 00001% FRR: ≤0. 01%

4. Response time: ≤0. 7 seconds

5. LCD display: colored pictures, time, ID number, Name etc.

6. Time Attendance mode: card, password, card + password

7. Access Control: embedded single access controller, support 31 time zones per day

8. Communication: RS232/ RS485, TCP/ IP, U-Disk, Web server

9. Internal function: battery ( optional) , RFID card reader, bell

10. External function : E-lock, printer, E-Bell

11. Save function: auto dormancy for saving

12. Memory capacity: 60MB, 2GB SD card

13. Amount: picture (6KB) , log (32 bytes)

14. Data maintenance: keep data for 3 years when no current

15. LCD: 3.5 inches colorful TFT, 320*240 pixels

16. Video camera: 1. 3 million pixels, HDTV Color Camera

17. Multimedia functions: music, slide advertisement, notices etc.

18. Power supply: DC12V, 25W, 2A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )

19. Temperature and humidity: 0-45℃, 20%-80%

20. Applications: Office, Star-hotel, Villa, Bank, Government, Top grade community

21. Size: 219*129*74mm

22. Weight: 2.5KG

23. Warranty period: 12 months.

24. Optional: WIFI, Mifare card reader, Printer, Backup Battery