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Fingerprint Time Attendance ZKS-T2TU

Fingerprint Time Attendance ZKS-T2TU
  • Fingerprint Time Attendance ZKS-T2TU
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1. ZKS-T2TU is an innovative fingerprint system with integrated and separated access control and time attendance functions.

2. It's convenient to set access control and time attendance parameters in device without software.

3. Data transmission can be realized by TCP/ IP, RS485, and USB.

4. It has professional access control functions such as duress alarm, fire alarm input and output, door state check, etc.

5. It supports unique functions such as voice personalization, DST setting, customized languages, etc.


1. 2.8 inches, 320*240 TFT color LCD

2. Identification speed is less than 0.7 second.

3. Large capacity: 3000 fingerprints and 80000 records

4. Time attendance and access control functions can be used separately and as integration.

5. Detailed verification records can be checked directly in device or downloaded in excel format by USB.

6. Complete access control functions for security including Dismantle Proof Alarm', DURESS SET', Check Door State', Fire Alarm Input', 50 time zones, 30 time groups, 5 unlock combinations.

Technical Parameters

1. Sensor: Optical Sensor with high sensibility

2. Display: 2.8 inches, 320*240 TFT color LCD

3. Keypad: Total 16 buttons (6 Function Keys and 1 Access Key)

4. CPU: QFP100_0MM5 ARM9

5. Algorithm: Version High-speed ZKSWQ5268 Finger VX8.0

6. Fingerprint Capacity: 3000

7. Record Capacity: 80000

8. Verify Method: Fingerprint, Password, Card (optional)

9. Communication: TCP/ IP, RS485, USB 2.0

10. USB Transmission: Download or upload data with high speed

11. Identification Rate: (0.7 second

12. FRR (False Rejection Rate) : ( 0.01%

13. FAR (False Acceptance Rate) : (0.0001%

14. ERR (Error) : (0.0001%

15. Verify Mode: 1: 1, 1: N (N≤3000)

16. Build-in Bell: Maximum 24 different bells per day of entire week

17. External Bell: Support

18. Auto On/ Off: Support

19. DST Setting: Support

20. Voice Personalization: Support

21. User Name Input: Support input method of Chinese, English, Digit, etc

22. Record Inquiry: Support checking records without Admin Identification

23. Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Turkish, Spanish.

24. Power Supply: DC9V, 1A/ DC12V, 2A (AC110V-220V±15%50-60Hz)

25. Temperature and Humidity : 0-45℃; 20%-80%

26. Dimension: 190*128*50.5 (mm)

27. Package Size: 220*158*95.5 (mm)

28. Warranty: 1 year Quality Assurance, 3 years Repair Guarantee

29. Application: Office, School, Factory, Hotel, Bank, etc

30. Optional: RFID/ IC Card Reader, Backup Battery