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Nora | Jones Come Away with Me pop vinyl LP

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Vinyl records, has a centuries-old art treasure,

It recorded nearly a century of musical elegance

Until the advent of cassette eighties, nineties CD capture the market,

In recent years, a wave of invincible to MP3, vinyl gradually withdraw from the mainstream music consumer market

However, it never really disappeared sense on the ground.

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for nostalgia,

I miss the good old days and old record player on a lengthy rotation

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for listening,

Music in the Digital Age is less than the total of its warm, rich mellow reverberation

Perhaps all this I do not know more about the music relates nostalgia,

More vinyl records relating manifested attitude to life behind

Version ceremony broadcast program, practical touch,

Cover design vision and the unique flavor comes along years

The vinyl records carefully extracted from the envelope you,

Watching the needle with the ups and downs of the record Engraving

Listening to vinyl records can be an attitude to life,

Slow, delicate, elegant aesthetics listening

We would like to carefully pick out the vinyl version name engraved Collection,

To reverberate in your ears, light up your life


"Come Away with Me" recorded during 2001, recorded in New York and the Sorcerer room song sound studio Allaire be, and the album, mixed work is carried out in Silvan song sound chamber in creation, this album, invited a number of prominent music Mesozoic ginseng and production, including as a musical accompaniment of guitarist Bill voriconazole Faso, ‧ drummer Brian Blade, Turkish music producer Arif Martin and bassist Lee Alexander, etc. people who inject jazz, soul, country, folk and other styles in this album.

(Track description)

1 Do not Know Why - 3:06
2 Seven Years - 2:25
3 Cold, Cold Heart - 3:38
4 Feelin 'the Same Way - 2:57
5 Come Away With Me - 3:18
6 Shoot the Moon - 3:56
7 Turn Me On - 2:34
8 Lonestar - 3:06
9 I've Got to See You Again - 4:13
10 Painter Song - 2:42
11 One Flight Down - 3:05
12 Nightingale - 4:12
13 The Long Day Is Over - 2:44
14 The Nearness of You - 3:07