QB type 5-50 / 10 t -proof bridge crane

QB type 5-50 / 10 t -proof bridge crane

Product description:

QB -proof bridge cranes all motors, electrical explosion-proof performance in line with GB3836.2-2 000 ( explosive gas atmospheres with explosion-proof electrical equipment - Part 2 : flameproof 'd'), overall performance is in line with JB / T5897-1991 ( explosion provision bridge crane ) standards, proof mark ExdIIBT4, ExdIICT4.

Performance parameters performance Parameter

This product is suitable for the plant capacity is not higher than the booster stage IIB or IIC, ignition temperature class T4 group of not less than place flammable gas or vapor and air to form explosive gas mixtures, the applicable Zone 1 hazardous areas or zone 2. this product has to exercise and two empty exercise, work at a medium level .

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