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LDP electric single girder crane

LDP electric single girder crane
  • LDP electric single girder crane
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LDP electric single girder crane belonging to ultra-low headroom light small crane, hoist located on the side of the main beam, increasing the hook service space, can reduce plant height and cost. The product is due to a car wheel base, smooth operation, structure compact, rigid, sensitive operation, low noise, safe and reliable, attractive appearance, etc., are widely used in the work environment at -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, factory workshop headroom and low places.

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LDP electric single girder crane is according to GB / T 3811-2008, JB / T1306-2008 design and manufacturing standards, with CD1, MD1 electric hoist light lifting equipment supporting the use of its rated load 3t ~ 10t, span 7.5m ~ 22.5m, working-level A4, lifting height 6 ~ 12m, mainly ground control operation mode (ground operation, remote operation, ground + remote operation). If there are span and lifting height exceeds the range listed in the sample, we It can also carry out non-standard design according to user needs .

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