LX electric single- girder overhead crane

LX electric single- girder overhead crane

Product description:

LX electric single- girder overhead crane is the standard JB / T2603-1994 design and manufacturing CD, MD and other types of electric hoist supporting the use, become a light rail running small crane, which applies from the weight of 0.5 ~ 5t, span is 3 ~ 16m, the working environment temperature is within the range of -30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

Performance parameters performance Parameter

This product is a regular crane widely used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, caves and other places. Crane bridge consists of four parts (metal structures), electric hoist, run structural, electrical equipment and other components .

Lifting capacity Q (t) 0.5; 1; 2; 3; 5
Span LK (m) 3~16
Crane agency Running speed V (m / min) 20 30
Reduction ratio i 28.2 20
Electric motor ZDY12-4 N = 2 * 0.4KW m = 1380r / min
Hoist Type CD or MD
Lifting speed V1 (m / min) 8 or 8 / 0.8
Lifting height H (m) 6912182430
Speed ​​V2 (m / min) 2030
Electric motor Cone squirrel cage
Working level Intermediate (JC = 25%)
power supply 3-phase 50HZ 380V
Working wheel diameter (mm) Φ130
Track beam (GB706-65) 120a ~ 145c

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