LDA electric single girder crane

LDA electric single girder crane

Product description:

LDA electric single girder crane is based on the 'LD' on improved design compared with 'LD type ' with a reasonable structure, machine rigidity characteristics. Machine and CD1 type, MD1 model electric hoist supporting the use of a kind of light small lifting machinery. its starting weight of 1T ~ 10T. span is 7.5 ~ 22.5m, working-level for the A3-A5, working environment temperature -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

Performance parameters performance Parameter

The products are widely used in different occasions lifting goods factories, warehouses, material stocks, prohibit the use of flammable, explosive or corrosives environment. This product has a ground control room and two operating forms, control room have open All closed two can be divided into two forms of installation left or right, and the end of two entry- direction right side of the actual situation. to meet customer selection in the case of a variety of different needs. manual single beam crane lubricating device. semiannually Note lubricants ( dry oil ) once.

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