SDQ-3 -type manual single -girder overhead crane

SDQ-3 -type manual single -girder overhead crane

Product description:

SDQ-3 -type manual single -girder overhead crane carrying amount is not applicable to, and less attention to the efficiency and speed of the free power supply warehouses, workshops or repair equipment, etc. to use.

Working environment temperature not lower than -20 ℃. Manual single girder bridge crane consists mainly manual monorail car, chain hoists three parts.

Performance parameters performance Parameter

When the crane installation must meet the following conditions: 1, rail joint tolerances, the height difference of not greater than mm, the gap is less than 2mm 2, less than 10m tolerance rules LK 3mm, rules LK than 10m tolerance 5mm 3, track elevation allowed. .. deviation 5mm. 4, track grade tolerances of 1/1000. 5 track length, track bending, the allowable deviation of 3mm. manual single girder crane of all lubricating device. semiannually Note lubricants ( dry oil ) once.

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