LB-proof electric single-girder cranes

LB-proof electric single-girder cranes

Product description:

The crane according to GB3836.1-2000 (explosive gas atmospheres explosion-proof electrical equipment Part 1: General requirements) and GB3836.2-2000 (explosive gas atmospheres explosion-proof electrical equipment Part 2: flameproof 'd') regulations, Electrical machinery and flameproof, explosion-proof level ExdIICT4 when running institutional structure fire flower processing machine in line with JB / T10219-2001 (explosion-girder cranes) shall be explosion-proof rating, respectively ExdIIBT4, ExdIICT4, with a reasonable structure aesthetic appearance, explosion-proof and strong features. Hardware and Hb, BCD explosion-proof electric hoist supporting the use of its maximum lifting capacity of 63t.

Performance parameters performance Parameter

There are three explosion-proof crane beam forms: 1, LXB explosion-proof electric single-girder overhead crane 2, LB-proof electric single girder crane 3, LHB explosion-proof electric hoist bridge crane working level to A3-A4, the working environment temperature -. 25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

The crane is suitable for explosion-proof level of not more than B-level or C-level factory, ignition temperature groups of not less than T4 (135 ℃) for explosive gas atmospheres flammable gases group, steam and air to form, and the use of hazardous areas zone 1 or 2, do not apply to Zone 0.

Notes: 0 area: Under normal circumstances, explosive gas mixture is continuously short time frequently or for long periods of place 1 area: Under normal circumstances, explosive gas mixtures are likely to occur Zone 2 places: in normal case, an explosive gas mixture can not appear, place only in case of equipment failure or both may occur under abnormal operating conditions, and occasionally for a short time.

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