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High Sensitivity Metal Detector PD140N Rechargeable Security Detector Factory Anti-theft High-speed Railway Station Hand-held Safety Instrument

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  • Brand: TIANXUN
  • Model: PD140N

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A new generation of compact handheld metal detectors

The PD140N is a highly reliable, ergonomically hand-held metal detector with advanced detection capabilities and operator signal cues.The main feature of this new device is that it is fully compliant with the latest safety standards and can be ruled out external


● Compatible with NIJ-0602.02 ● Compact, elegant and durable ergonomic ● Uniform magnetic field and no magnetic target ● All digital design: Can be operated indoors and outdoors Advantages and benefits:

● Programmable sensitivity ● Scalable continuous operation time ● Automatic switching to low power mode when not detected ● Contains a long-life rechargeable battery that is renewable and reduces the cost of alkaline batteries ● Contains Fast and highly reliable battery charger: no need to remove the battery ● equipped with a special hand probe bracket, the smallest footprint ● and equipped with power and battery charger ● cable ● operator functions can be standard or root ● According to user requirements through the computer graphical user interface ● and USB cable to modify The latest plastic materials technology:PD140N metal detector shell is made of the next generation of polymer technology, this plastic has a chemical resistance and high mechanical strength, even in high-intensity working environment is still able to ensure that the detector to use a long Years.

1, compact, elegant, durable and ergonomic PD140N is characterized by containing a special ergonomic design of the handle, to ensure that the operator's hand does not interfere with the sensitive detection area. Special care has been placed in the detector mechanical design The edgeless design allows the detector to pass very smoothly through the detection area and does not result in stuck buttons on clothing, straps, folds and other parts of the garment.

2, NIJ0602.02 standards compatible The PD140N has uniform magnetic sensitivity and non-magnetic targets, including those made of stainless steel. At the same time the detector provides excellent body effect compensation, And has a high resistance to electromagnetic and mechanical sources of external interference.

3, all-digital design The PD140N is fully digitized. The electronic features include digital signal processing (DSP) technology based on a digital operator interface, and the introduction of an external magnetic field transmitter-receiver as a USB port.This design, combined with a special printed antenna, ensures consistent Performance, very high reliability and calibration-free operation.

4, advanced control panel The switches and warning lights on the control panel are made of high-thickness silicon to ensure a high degree of protection, making the PD140N suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

5, advanced alarm instructions The mode of the alarm signal includes: the optical alarm is fixed or proportional to the strength of the detection signal; sound reported ** constant tone or pitch proportional to the detected object size; vibration alarm signal. It is also possible for the security manager or checkpoint A command that locks one or more operators.

PD140N handheld metal detector properties:
1, power supply 2 AA nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries
2, fully customizable control panel Optics, Acoustics and Vibration Alarm Modes Level 3 sensitivity select button
3, detection and business functions Customizable via the HHMD configuration tool
4, the battery Battery life: 100 hours or more (AA nickel-metal hydride battery 2500 mAh); up to 200 hours to automatically sleep mode Low battery indicator Built-in battery quick charger combined with HHDS docking station

5, operating temperature -40 ° C to 70 ° C
6, storage temperature -40 ° C to 80 ° C
7, relative humidity (No condensation)
8, size PD140N: 360mm × 80mm × 40mm HHDS Station: 175mm × 115mm X85mm Carrying Case: 430mm × 340mm X105mm Detection Kit: 450mm × 325mm X115mm
9, weight PD140N (with battery): 390g HHDS docking station PD140N (with power adapter): 755g Portable package: 1,3 kg Detection package Package: 2,2 kg
10, color PD140N: light gray RAL7040
Carry bags: green RAL7013 (need to be equipped with)
11, compliance In line with NIJ0602.02 and the new NIJ0602.03 standard metal detection in line with international standards, the current applicable safety, electromagnetic compatibility and applicable CE regulations
Applicable occasions Airports, law enforcement agencies, nuclear facilities, public activities, prisons, government departments, prevention of loss, campus security.