High sensitivity metal detector screening instrument rechargeable PD140N factory anti-theft security apparatus handheld high-speed rail station

High sensitivity metal detector screening instrument rechargeable PD140N factory anti-theft security apparatus handheld high-speed rail station

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  • Brand: TIANXUN
  • Model: PD140N

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A new generation of compact hand-held metal detectors

PD140N is a combination of high reliability, ergonomic hand-held metal detector with advanced detection capabilities and prompt the operator signals features. The main features of this new device is that this device is fully compliant with the latest safety standards and can be ruled out external


● standard ● Compatible NIJ- 0602.02 compact, elegant, durable and ergonomic ● uniform magnetic field and to detect non-magnetic target ● all-digital design: consistent performance and scalability without calibration operations ● long continuous operation ● ● advanced programming capabilities in both indoor and outdoor operation Advantages and benefits:

● programmable sensitivity ● Scalable ● continuous operation time is not detected automatically switches to low power mode ● includes long-life rechargeable battery, battery ● This is the cost of renewable energy and subtracting the contents of alkaline batteries ● fast and highly reliable battery charger: no need to remove the battery ● hand probe with a special bracket, and takes up minimal space ● ● ● cable operator functions with power supply and battery charger can be standard can also root ● According to user requirements to be modified by the computer and the graphical user interface ● USB cable The latest plastic materials technology:PD140N metal detector housing is made of polymer materials, the next generation of technology. This plastic has chemical resistance and high mechanical strength, even at high intensity work environment is still able to ensure that the detector very long life.

1, compact, elegant, durable and ergonomic PD140N characterized by containing a special ergonomic handle, make sure the operator's hand does not interfere with the sensitive detection area. Special care has been put into the mechanical design of the detector section. edgeless design makes the detectors had a very smooth and does not cause the card in other parts of buttons, straps, folding clothes and clothes through the detection area.

2, NIJ0602.02 compliant Technical characteristics of the detector meets NIJ standard 0602.02 and the new draft NIJ standard 0602.03. The PD140N have uniform sensitivity magnetic and non-magnetic targets, including those made of stainless steel. Providing excellent body effect at the same time compensating detector, and has a high immunity to electromagnetic and mechanical sources of external interference.

3, all-digital design The PD140N is completely digital electronic function includes a magnetic field emitter based on a digital signal processing (DSP) technology, a digital interface, by introducing a USB port communicates with the outside - receiver of this design, combined with special printed antenna, to ensure consistency performance and very high reliability and calibration-free operation.

4, advanced control panel In the control panel switches and warning lights are made from silicon high thickness to ensure a high degree of protection, so that PD140N for indoor and outdoor use.

5, advanced alarm indication Mode the alarm signal includes: an optical alarm is fixed or proportional to the intensity of the detection signal; voice packets ** constant tone or tone proportional to the size of the detected object; vibration alarm signal is also possible for the security manager or a checkpoint. prison lock one or more of the operator's command.

PD140N handheld metal detectors attributes:
1, power supply Section 2 AA NiMH rechargeable battery
2, fully customizable control panel Optics, acoustics and vibration alarm mode select button sensitivity level 3
3, testing and operational functions By HHMD configuration tool can be customized
4, battery Battery life: 100 hours (AA NiMH batteries 2500 mA when); up to 200 hours with automatic sleep mode Low battery indicator built-in battery fast charger docking bound HHDS

5, the working temperature -40 ° C to 70 ℃
6, storage temperature -40 ° C to 80 ℃
7, the relative humidity (Non-condensing)
8, size PD140N: 360 mm × 80 mm × 40mm HHDS stops: 175 mm × 115 mm X85 mm carry bag: 430 mm × 340 mm X105 mm Detection Kit: 450 mm × 325 mm X115 mm
9, weight PD140N (with battery): 390 g HHDS stops PD140N (with power adapter): 755 g carry bag: 1,3 kg test kits Packaging: 2,2 kg
10, color PD140N: light gray RAL7040
Carry bag: green RAL7013 (subject to distribution)
11 Compliance In line with the new NIJ0602.03 NIJ0602.02 and standard metal detector in line with international standards, the current applicable safety, electromagnetic compatibility and applicable CE regulations
Applicable occasions with the airport, law enforcement agencies, nuclear facilities, public events, prisons, government departments, loss prevention, campus security and so on.