Continental Crane

Continental Crane

Product description:

The model is based on the introduction of the crane and digestion of foreign advanced technology, based on a modular design theory as a guide to modern computer technology as a means to introduce design and reliability optimization design method, using imported configuration, new materials, new processes completed with a new crane lightweight, universal, energy saving, maintenance-free and high-tech.

The crane's design, manufacture and test the implementation of the relevant national standards are newly issued, equivalent to part of the FEM, DIN, IEC and other foreign standards, compared with the original common crane QD type products, to reduce the weight of about 15 to 30 percent, The maximum wheel pressure is reduced from about 10 to 35% of the plant structure can reduce the crane requirements, plant manufacturing cost savings. Core components reducer transmission mechanism in all hardened, precision gear pair, plus steel drum, forged wheels and the application of frequency control system, making the model a tradition common crane overhead crane replacement products for mechanical manufacturing, assembly, petrochemicals, logistics, power construction, paper, railways and other industries.

Features new crane

Light weight

The company developed its own design software, combined with three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis, the lifting mechanism, are made of steel to annex most reasonable structure, high-strength materials plus a large range of applications, improve the carrying capacity, reducing its own weight, light weight than conventional cranes, wheel pressure is small.

Small footprint on both sides of the hook to the limit from the small and large scope of work, little more than the height of the track surface, the effective use of floor space.

Operation and maintenance costs low due to the wheel pressure is small, small size, can reduce the pre-engineering investment in plant, etc., while lighting, heating and other facilities can also save some costs. And reliable product performance, durable, so late in the course of the desired product The additional costs to a minimum. The optional high-quality, high-performance components make maintenance and repair workload greatly reduced, the total installed power decreased, the cost savings can be.

High performance

The inverter technology, heavy slow, light load fast, speed range 1:10, smooth crane operation, reduce the impact of the plant combined with anti-sway technology to achieve high-precision positioning lifting items.

Performance parameters performance Parameter

Great, trolley traveling mechanism in the form of European technology-driven triple, Hardened reducer, compact structure, low noise, no leakage, long service life.

Due to the use of a new compact car and high-strength materials, the whole shape of small size, light weight, compared to the traditional crane, lifting height under the same conditions, plant height can be reduced, effectively reducing the plant cost.

Modular design, the actual cycle is short, high level of generalization, improve the utilization of parts.

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