Tiffany four famous poem Publisher | opera | new ciphertext LP vinyl phonograph special

 Tiffany four famous poem Publisher | opera | new ciphertext LP vinyl phonograph special

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  • Brands: Fennessy / Tiffany poetry
  • Model: HJ7JJ001
  • Product Number: HJ7JJ001


Vinyl records, has a centuries-old art treasure,

It recorded nearly a century of musical elegance

Until the advent of cassette eighties, nineties CD capture the market,

In recent years, a wave of invincible to MP3, vinyl gradually withdraw from the mainstream music consumer market

However, it never really disappeared sense on the ground.

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for nostalgia,

I miss the good old days and old record player on a lengthy rotation

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for listening,

Music in the Digital Age is less than the total of its warm, rich mellow reverberation

Perhaps all this I do not know more about the music relates nostalgia,

More vinyl records relating manifested attitude to life behind

Version ceremony broadcast program, practical touch,

Cover design vision and the unique flavor comes along years

The vinyl records carefully extracted from the envelope you,

Watching the needle with the ups and downs of the record Engraving

Listening to vinyl records can be an attitude to life,

Slow, delicate, elegant aesthetics listening

We would like to carefully pick out the vinyl version name engraved Collection,

To reverberate in your ears, light up your life


Four most famous title was first proposed in 1921 by the sand winds in Tianjin "wind newspaper" the first issue to distinguish Cao Kun Cheng grams Four Diamond Cabinet. In the most famous four most famous opera, they are referring to Mei Lanfang , Cheng Yan Qiu, Shang Xiaoyun, Xun Huisheng, and another four most famous opera, the four most famous opera, four famous Peking Opera, drama four famous, Shaanxi opera four most famous, the four most famous movies, comic books' four famous "and the like.

(Track description)


1. Mei Lanfang: Female destabilize Bei start a company in 1929 recording 3:41
2. Mei Lanfang: Drunken Beauty Chinese discography 1954 7:26 recordings
3. Yanqiu: Chungui Meng victory record company in 1935 3:19
4. Yanqiu: Suolin Nang 1941 EMI recording 11:39


1. Xun Huisheng: Lantern riddle victory record company in 1928 3:01
2. Xun Huisheng: Matchmaker China Releases 1959 Recording 4:02
3. Shang Xiaoyun: San Niang to teach the child 1934 EMI recording 5:32
4. Shang Xiaoyun: Princess Shuangyang China Releases 1959 7:33 recordings
5. Mei Lanfang, Shang Xiaoyun Cheng Yan Qiu Xun Huisheng: Forty-five Flower Cave Great Wall 1932 6:56 recordings