Continental electric wire rope hoist

Continental electric wire rope hoist

Product description:

Customized processingYeahBrandSourceModelKS
Crane typesElectric wire rope hoistAction formsTo fuckStructural form
Lifting weight5TLifting height12MEffective lift height12M

Germany imported lift motor, speed reducer. Lift motor, speed reducer, drum and ceiling switch integrated compact design saves the user's use of space. Modular design to enhance the institution's reliability and reduces maintenance time and cost.

Lifting speed with faster and more and more choice of pulley ratio. Standard car mechanism uses the frequency conversion control, speed up to 20 m/min, the trolley lifting one's belongings while small swing, positioning accuracy, precision valuables can be safely lifted.

Our company produces 0.5T~16t weight, lifting height 3~12M This type of steel wire rope electric hoists, specific pricing and related data, please contact us.