Lucky brave ornaments one pair cornucopia crafts home TV cabinet wine cabinet knick knacks opening gifts

Lucky brave ornaments one pair cornucopia crafts home TV cabinet wine cabinet knick knacks opening gifts

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: gift source
  • Appearance: Animals
  • Color Classification: King + array mahogany enrichment Five Emperors money to send two-string array King agate enrichment Five Emperors send money + 2 Queen imitation mahogany string array enrichment Five Emperors send money + 2 Jade agate large string array + Get enrichment Five Emperors money 2 string array trumpet onyx enrichment Five Emperors money to send brave + S + send brave front mahogany enrichment Five Emperors money
  • Material: Resin
  • Product Number: lzy1358
  • Application of space: Living
  • Style: Simple Modern
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

Product Features:

This brave brave collector array enrichment town house defends and ability and a cornucopia of Good Fortune, Lucky town house stronger, comes beautifully packaged gift, highly ornamental value and collection value, whether it is to give as gifts or personal use, are very suitable, home furnishings gifts to share! is a brave auspicious animal to treasure for food, being placed in the family home, may Lucky Cai, melt the ghost town house evil spirits. primary care brave heart strong, there is a town house from evil purposes. put brave can make family fortunes improved, good luck to strengthen!

[Fiscal] Lucky Cai brave sodium food Quartet legend Huangdi help combat meritorious, was Conferring 'Tianlu beast' also known as 'evil'.

[Resolve] to five yellow big evil melt the ghost town house and Cai, particularly in the wealth, the brave is a more visible role in the ancient Yin believes that life is doomed, but fortune can change, so people have 'touched brave fortune exuberant, touching their brave rolling in wealth, three touch brave meteoric rise 'good wishes.

[Put] brave placed on the financial position of residential or office door or windowsill mouth outward, inward avoid: Do not punch the main entrance and head mirror, not on the implantation!

1. brave animal that can help move the master take money, bite money, not only into, so is ideal for Lucky, miserly animal 2. Since ancient times, the brave one kind of animal to protect the owner, has a strong and mighty strokes Choi spirituality, strokes and financial resources to take further hold treasury 3. brave move of wealth is the animal, as long as the brave side out, the solution can be evil, to change the magnetic field, to bring good luck and let your extra cash and Come.

4. Brave placed in any suitable location in the home, can bring wealth and windfall Quartet, can make home run well, good luck to strengthen, drive out evil, evil spirits blocking, town house effect, is the patron saint of home.

5. In addition to dance outside the partial financial aid, there is money to help, so the people who do business should be placed brave in the company or at home, pray for peace at home protecting it safe, to help meet the honored, the positive bias two fiscal all wishes come true .

After the opening display, brave brave mouth must ramp door, convenient place such as a home, but also on the window, can not be placed higher than the height of a person's head. Well, we do not often put brave the move. Do not flush the toilet. Do not punch the mirror, because the mirror will produce light evil brave taboo. Do not implantation, this will be to their disadvantage. brave easily dependents, sincere worship sandalwood or a glass of water every day, when the fortunes of silence or ring true can shake the bells, which means shake Fortuna, get your extra cash. Please pair brave Nanzuonvyou home by placing method can be placed in the fiscal position, it can also be placed in the living room, the door or vestibule, brave head towards the house door, window or the balcony, then ingot placed at the mouth of the brave, brave in front of a glass of water, can not be higher than the height of the glass brave, the water should always change.