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Lucky Treasure Pillow Pi Xiu Decoration a pair of handicrafts home wine cabinet TV cabinet decorations opening gifts

Lucky Treasure Pillow Pi Xiu Decoration a pair of handicrafts home wine cabinet TV cabinet decorations opening gifts
Product code: 1031100030
Unit price 15.82-54.01$
Sold quantity 12956
Available stock 1668

Product parameters:

  • Brand: ceremony of the source
  • Appearance: Animals
  • Color classification: King Rosewood poly array + sent five emperors money 2 string king agate poly array + send five emperor money 2 string large imitation mahogany poly array + send five emperor money 2 string large agate jade gather money array + send five emperor Money 2 string small agate color poly array brave + send five emperor money trumpet mahogany gather money array brave troops + sent five emperor money
  • Material: Resin
  • Item No .: lzy1358
  • Applicable space: living room
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration type: Desktop Decoration

Product Features:

This brave group of brave gathers brave town house of evil and cornucopia of wealth and treasure ability, with a strong ability to attract wealth house, with exquisite packaging gift box, great ornamental value and collection value, whether it is given away Or for personal use, are very suitable for home furnishings to share! Pixiu is auspicious animals, gold and silver treasures for food, placed in the home, can be Caifu Wangcai, the town house evil evil spirits. Strong, there is the use of the town house evil spirits can be placed home improvement, good fortune to strengthen!

Legend of the Yellow Emperor to help combat active, was given letters 'Tianlu beast', also known as 'evil spirits'. "

'To resolve the five yellow big evil' used to evil of the town house and Wang Cai, especially in the wealth, the brave is a more obvious role in the ancient Yin that life is doomed, but the fortunes can be changed, so people have 'touched' Brave fortune fortune, and then touch the brave wealth rolling, three touch Pixiu aloof 'good wishes.

'Placed' Pi Xiu placed in the home or office of the financial position, the door or window sill.Mouth outward, avoid the DPRK: Do not head and the main entrance of the mirror, not to the bed!

1. Pixiu sacred animal can help the owner to withdraw money, bite the money, only not enter, it is the ideal Lucky, Shou Cai's animal. 2. Pilgrims since ancient times to protect the owner of a mythical beast, 3. Brave is to recruit the financial side of the animal, as long as the brave front out, you can solve evil, to change the magnetic field, bring good luck and make your money rolling. Come.

4. Pixiu placed in any appropriate location in the home, can bring wealth and fortune of the Quartet fortune, and can make the home run, good fortune, get rid of evil, blocking evil spirits, with the town house effect, is the patron saint of the family.

In addition to helping the financial side of the brave, the money is also helpful, so the cause of people should also be placed brave in the company or at home, pray for it to protect the home peace and harmony, the case of elegant help, so positive .

Open the brave after the light placed, brave mouth must be oblique to the door, such as home furnishings inconvenient, but also on the window, the height can not be placed above the head. Brave placed well do not often move. Do not flush the toilet, do not flush the mirror, because the mirror will have light Guangshiyijixu taboo.Do not on the bed, this will be detrimental to their own. Brave is easy to support every day sincerely dedicated to sandalwood or a glass of water, when the wealth is quiet or not smooth , You can shake the bell, meaning rocking up the God of Wealth, so that your financial resources rolling. A pair of brave please go home according to male left female right way placed, can be placed in the financial position, can also be placed in the living room, Or the entrance, brave head toward the door, outside the window, or balcony, then the ingot on the brave mouth, put a glass of water in front of the brave, the height of the cup can not be higher than brave,