Smart mouse cable telephone check line, line-tracking instruments NF-806B 806R testers network cable-Finder

Smart mouse cable telephone check line, line-tracking instruments NF-806B 806R testers network cable-Finder

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: smart mouse
  • Model: NF-806B / R
  • Product Number: NF-806B
  • Color Classification: NF-806R + two gifts like NF-806B + gifts like two
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

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● Features:
1. You can find the network lines in the case of connecting any type of Ethernet switches, routers, PC terminal equipment switched on, and the same telephone line

axis Line is the most trusted product engineering staff.
2. Can the support of the router / switch the power on the network cable line sequence proofreading. Improve the efficiency of network maintenance personnel.
3. different beep sound prompt the user to quickly identify the type of fault; headset accessories with external noisy environment, the volume according to personal suitability requirements


The following RJ45 network cable connector to BNC connector and Cologne module test line was donated goods (purchase value yo)

Smart mouse hunt experts at it switches, routers turned hunt, there are buyers reflect other brands check line can not be measured. Product manufacturers can enjoy free warranty for one year. Genuine original, fake a lose one hundred! (Do not covet cheap to buy fakes and warranty)

NF-806 is the third generation of the 800 series upgrade enhanced version, has the following features:

1, the new BNC cable test function, mainly to hunt for BNC cable and network line advantage.
2. This higher sensitivity, can measure buried in the wall 12 cm-deep line, measuring line distance up to 2 km away, normally in the air is an effective signal area 10--15CM.
3, simple operation, reliable performance, flexible interface, widely used, bionic shape, easy to carry, as the device uses a dual output signal, the switch can be resolved under the working state, to avoid the impact of the switch to turn off the use of other lines trouble.
4, applies to find the network cable, telephone lines, video cable, car circuit, all metal cable no strong power state.
5, you can test the telephone line polarity, continuity, the approximate location of the breakpoint.
6, two crocodile clips to avoid the trouble to do crystal head, RJ45 / RJ11 interface lines can be directly connected to the network and the telephone line module.
7, Hunt is quick to identify the need to find the pair of lines in many disorders cable lines.
8, the amplitude of the high-level audio amplifier circuit 200 times for long-distance cable location.
9, double-sided network cable Continued lamp can be more intuitive and convenient to check the network cable continued correction circuit is connected correctly.
10, a portable multifunction software package, you can put your construction, basic maintenance tools installed Qi, relieve you of the trouble of carrying tools scattered.

NF-801 and NF-806 What is the difference?

801 800 Series is the second generation, there have two RJ11 and RJ45 jacks on 801B (blue) and 801R (red) two 801 series reflector, hunt for telephone line-based customers to use more convenient.
806 800 Series is the third generation, 806R (red) and 806B (blue) is on the basis of 801 manufacturers in the development of an upgraded version (806R (red) and 806B (blue) function as just a different color ), New BNC cable test function, NF806 with RJ11 alligator clip wire line is connected to the signal transmitter, mainly to hunt for BNC cable and network line advantage, not easy to lose. Higher sensitivity than the 801 series effective signal sensing distance in the air is about 15CM. the biggest difference is the ratio of the received signal NF806 NF801 stronger.
(NF806 alligator clip wire with RJ11 cable is directly connected to the signal transmitter, can be measured to a depth of 5-10 cm underground wall line, and 801 is transferred through the RJ45 and RJ11 crystal head, can be measured against the wall 5 cm deep line)

Customers often ask how far hunt hunt instrument can line? Cable, then you can up to 2000 meters, if the network cable is, in theory, is 2000 meters, but this depends on the quality of the cable itself, such as the poor quality of the longest cable it was at the transmission distance of about 100 meters, such as good quality copper cable a box of it 305 meters.

Smart Mouse 806 series has been Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Netcom and other telecommunications companies purchasing large quantities. Room by administrators and network engineers to praise, gifts technology, a good tool for a duck.

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