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'Hospital with the paragraph' German Bai Rui atomizer TurboBOY N compression atomizer children's medical home lj

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Germany
  • Medical Devices Product Name: German Bai Rui atomizer
  • Brand: Berry
  • Model: TurboBoy N
  • Value - added services: SF Express
  • Implementation of the standard number: YZB / GER 6142-2012
  • Registration No .: State Food and Drug Administration armed (into) the word 2012 No. 2544589
  • Production enterprises: Germany 100 Swiss Limited
  • Diseases: Upper respiratory tract infection Laryngitis Asthma Children Upper respiratory tract infection Bronchitis Influenza influenza Virus Cold-sensitive stomach Lung-type emphysema Pneumonia Cold cold Wind-heat cold Rhinitis
  • Symptoms: irritating cough dyspnea cough cough cough unhappy sore throat wheezing shortness of breath asthma shortness of breath chest stuffy stuffy stuffy nose
  • Applicable people: not limited to middle-aged and adult children and adolescents
  • Atomizer Category: Air Compression Atomizer
  • Color Classification: 'Berry 1205' machine gift 1 set of adult masks +2 sets of children's masks + adapter 'Berry 1205' machine donated 2 sets of adult masks +3 sets of children's masks + adapter 'Berry 1205' machine Gift 5 sets of children 's face mask + 1 sets of adult mask + adapter' 100 Rui 1205 'standard

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