Orico / Orrick Section SDK-20WR SATA3.0 high-speed 3.5-inch hard disk 2T 7200 | WD red plate

Orico / Orrick Section SDK-20WR SATA3.0 high-speed 3.5-inch hard disk 2T 7200 | WD red plate

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Orico / Orrick Section SDK-20WR
  • Brand: Orico / Orrick Division
  • Model: SDK-20WR
  • Applicable models: desktop
  • Hard drive capacity: 2TB
  • Hard disk rotational speed: 7200 rpm
  • Cache size: 64MB
  • Interface Type: SATA3
  • Size: 3.5 inches
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Product Name: Custom Edition 3.5-inch external storage hard drive kits (protection box with lots of different colors can be different colors)

Product Type: ORICO SDK-20WR

Product Details: WD WD20EFRX × 1 + ORICO PHP-35 × 1
Hard drive capacity: 2TB

ORICO western data (hereinafter referred to as 'WD') of China strategic partnership, ORICO ORICO custom red disc designed for external mass storage, disk arrays, NAS tailored to enjoy a more stable enterprise-class performance, fully enclosed high-grade packaging damping difference market sales of other brands bare disc form, All shipping SF More safe and secure, and comes with hard disk protection box ORICO professional, easy to manage scientific data disks.

ORICO custom red disk shipped directly from the WD, two by ORICO strict quality control, to enjoy the 3-year warranty, one year free renewal service, after-sales agreement may enjoy professional service and WD ORICO extensive service points.

product description:
ORICO SDK-20WR ORICO and Western Digital is jointly launched a customized version of the 3.5-inch external hard disk storage product suite, SDK-30WR external memory as an external storage kit provides users with high performance and attention to detail of the experience.

SDK-20WR (Special hard drive kits) is WD Red hard disk protection box products and ORICO PHP-35 suite of products, WD Red disks using a single platter 1TB WD new technology, in a burst read and write speed, sustained read and write speed, file creation and deletion, file copy program application performance, and other aspects of performance are very good performance, also has four technical WD blessing (TLER RAID anti-out chain technology / NASware technology / 3D active balancing enhancements / IntelliPower technology), 3 years perfect quality guarantee and 7 × 24-hour technical support, WD red disk external data storage will be the user a good selection of products. the mix of PHP-35 will allow more users to move, store, process of using hard disk storage is particularly handy .
All the new hard disk after purchase them you need to initialize the hard disk before they can be used normally, initialize the specific steps are as follows:

To the red disk WD home security cooperation with ORICO push DAS / NAS

At 17:41 on January 18 2013 Source: eNet FRANCISCO Author: Cat

January 16, 2013, at the Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun, Western Digital (WD) and ORICO (ORICO) jointly issued the world's first WD Red hard disk external storage product suite ORICO SDK series. Kit contains one pair of the NAS the optimization of the red disc, and a 3.5-inch hard protective case. give users of transport security protection.

Western Digital red plate + PHP-35 series protective case = ORICO SDK

We know that the current domestic users to buy the hard disk in the store, mostly to buy "bulk" product if then after hands down, shop online shopping to find someone these pathways, combined with well-known domestic logistics environment, violence courier, hard disk security difficult to guarantee. SDK package includes a protective case ORICO PHP-35, as well as the outer thermoplastic film with EPE using ORICO retail sales channels, adequate protection so that the hard disk will not express reason damage.

On the domestic market, common hard disk bulk packages

Cooperation is much more than SDK series

In fact the press conference announcing the release of cooperation there is no scientific and technological content of products, a WD red plate with a protective case ORICO ten pieces, if only for such a thing will be published and open cooperation, the two are boring enough. I believes that the cooperation between the two sides see more gradual mainstreaming NAS / DAS demand for hard disk vendor NAS / DAS device vendors, to suit the way, so that both users of the product compatibility and safety calm down, another two also made publicity and increase user awareness and reliability.

The notebook is thinner and lighter direction, super pole this done slim body, equipped with a high-speed SSD. But on the storage capacity to make a compromise. Users can not store large audio and video files in just over 100 GB of SSD. this application corresponds to the needs and limitations of external storage family began to enter more and more people's attention.

Pursuit of performance or data security demanding users will go to set up a RAID NAS / DAS systems. And because ordinary desktop hard drive may not be compatible 7 × 24 hours of work, to build the application in RAID array, there may be stability problem. and once dropped, reproduce RAID need to consume a lot of time while using the enterprise-class hard drive costs are too high. Western Digital introduced the red disc is corresponding to this demand, to meet the NAS of 7 × 24 uninterrupted work demand, After spending much less power than enterprise class drives.

Because of the RAID array is a high stability requirements of the system, users are concerned about their own match will be a variety of thorny issues so prohibitive. WD cooperation with ORICO, optimized for each product, determining that no compatibility problems ORICO NAS marked on / DAS products WD logo, giving users peace of mind guarantee.

Made in China can also be good

After the acquisition of Hitachi Global Storage Western Digital, the world's largest HDD supplier. The reason found ORICO cooperation illustrates ORICO good enough.

Aluminum shell texture is very good

ORICO great emphasis on industrial design, although only less than 4 years old, but with unimaginable speed to win user acceptance. Product coverage to professional and personal storage, and DIY PC peripheral accessories, wires, straps, etc. All the products have intentions ORICO the design, which is in the domestic environment impetuous commendable. ORICO this said, to break the made in China a bad impression of China can make a good product quality and design.

NAS and DAS choice

ORICO current storage products mainly for backup, or for not bulk storage Ultrabook external audio and video products for this type of storage. Because the reality of the domestic network environment, NAS actual experience is not high, and the configuration it still requires a certain foundation. So for more home users do not need remote access, USB, Firewire, E-SATA interfaces such products can be directly connected to the DAS meet. Next we look at the products on display.

Western Digital for the NAS application design red plate, joined Western Digital's own NASware technology to ensure the stability of the NAS system 7 × 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. Using SATA6Gb / s interface and a capacity of 1 ~ 3TB. Official data power and noise is : 1TB noise standby 21 db, 22 db seek, 2 / 3TB standby 23 db, 24 db seek; power, hibernation and standby is 0.6W, idle 1TB 3.2W, 2 / 3TB 4.1W, read and write 1TB 3.7W, 2 / 3TB 4.4W.

ORICO 1 ~ 4-bay tray Jie WD red disc compatibility certification sticker

Depending on the model, support USB2.0 / USB3.0 / IEEE1394 / e-SATA's

Disk tray slide smoothly, avoid touching the bottom of the PCB when the removable hard disk protection design to prevent

The handle has ORICO wings shape LOGO, each disk access indicator bit Jie

Five bits of DAS RAID product 3559RUSI3 provides capabilities to support RAID 0/1/3/5/10 / Combine. RAID 0/1/3/5 support automatic rebuild. The user can select different RAID modes according to their usage requirements : high performance RAID0 for video image editing, secure RAID1 for important data storage backup, cost-effective RAID 3 and RAID 5 security, high-speed hard disk space utilization and coexistence, RAID 10 adhering to the superior RAID 0 and RAID 1 all the advantages and improve their deficiencies, Combine mode easy to manage and use multiple disks space and another without RAID functions 3559SUSJ3.

For home users often need to file out of the visit, ORICO also provide NAS solutions three bits 3589 and 5589. The five-bit ARM architecture with other NAS systems different, ORICO these two uses X86 architecture, advantages processor from AMD E350. X86 platform is free to replace the management software and a lot of backward compatibility.

In the NAS system, the software about the merits of the NAS of stability and security. It is reported that, ORICO NAS products are equipped with their own design management software through electronic drives, configure simple and friendly. Thanks to X86 architecture, users can even self-installing Windows Server operating system for more advanced management.

Three bits of 3589 and 5589. The overall five-bit multi-block very thick aluminum, due to the need to provide a replacement hard disk storage, so there is no one-piece, but the chassis is still very good texture. Machine in front of the LCD screen can display storage state.

See the back of the machine, in fact, these two ITX NAS is based on the PC platform. In addition, 8cm fan for cooling the disk array, and a small fan on the right side is the power supply, from GW specific evaluation, may be moved walk official website.

Just super this, more and more families have two or more computers, or even configuration HTPC entertainment for the whole family to share in the living room this time file sharing between multiple machines becomes cumbersome. through NAS, DAS and other external storage devices, unified management of these shared audio and video files, the memory organized, find convenient. ORICO together with the western Digital gives users peace of mind, or approximately one-stop NAS / DAS building , reduce the user hovers for such product selection for both the in-depth cooperation in the future, it is worth the wait.

ORICO 3559RUS3 disk array enclosure and customized version of the red disk Western Digital Reviews

Source: http://www.expreview.com/26405.html

1. The formation of large-capacity storage system opportune time

◆ the formation of large-capacity storage system opportune time

Once thought NAS can replace the external storage system, this idea is a bit naive, NAS high above the price is really unacceptable. Just a few hundred low-end NAS though, but runs slow death, and many system problems, high the NAS is expensive enough to buy a platform, cost is not very good.

From a cost point, the formation of large-capacity storage system is still external storage device strengths, Ao Ruike undoubtedly the expert as an external disk array enclosure ORICO 3559RUS3 price as long as 1380 yuan, five drive bays provide high-capacity storage space and it has a wealth of RAID functionality, USB 3.0 and eSATA dual high-speed interface to ensure the read and write performance external storage.

Also, recent ORICO Western Digital hard drives with the launch of a customized version of what we now sets a good time to set up large-capacity storage systems, we can see their customized version of the package price than selling electricity supplier single hard disk cheaper Moreover, ORICO hard disk kit also comes with a protective case, such a bargain not to be missed.


2. Orico 3559RUS3 Products

◆ ORICO 3559RUS3 external disk array enclosure

ORICO 3559RUS3 is a five-bit 3.5-inch external disk array enclosure, aluminum shell, supports RAID 0/1/3/5/1 + 0 / Combine and other models, with dual eSATA interface support, the It provides an effective read and write speeds.


The back is very simple concise, above a 12cm fan, the bottom is the interface

Solid bottom four rubber feet, and vents

Fine panel opened vents become array cartridge inlet

To pull the disk tray pumping

Hard frame with screw-free design

Interfaces include USB 3.0, eSATA, RAID convert button, Set button, power connector

Detailed RAID mode switch icon

Orico 3559RUS3 look very simple

ORICO 3559RUS3 packaging box

Simple and effective BUCKLE

Orico 3559RUS3 much: USB 3.0 cable, eSATA cable, power cord

3. ORICO customized version of the red disc package

◆ ORICO customized version of the hard drive kits

And two external storage drive is an indispensable part of a group, ORICO has ranks first peripheral storage device, the position of aloof, Western Digital hard drive is no wonder known to everybody Big Brother, now is undoubtedly a combination of both two-pronged approach each other things.

This is ORICO with WD co-produced a customized version of hard drive kits, kit which includes a ORICO hard protective case, and a WD red disk capacity of 1TB, 2TB and 3TB are available, cheaper than some East, a rather electricity supplier price is not cheap less. casually said, suits the hard disk by the Vespa agent natural guarantee is not a problem.

: 1199 yuan
ORICO customized version of the hard drive kits - 2TB red plate: 899 yuan
: 549 yuan

In fact, apart ORICO / WD launch of the red disc package, there are green and some disk storage peripherals suits suits, need readers to buy.

ORICO and co-produced a customized version of WD hard drive kit, the capacity on the back of the box there are marked

Open the box thing you see is blue ORICO hard disk protection box

Custom Edition hard vacuum packed and wrapped sponge, safety class

Open the wrapping paper look

Open ORICO hard disk protection box, you can see the inside of the cushion, can effectively protect the hard drive

The hard drive into the protective case, with great accuracy

Front and rear ends can ORICO hard disk protection box for users to record label

4. The external storage good partner

Partner ◆ ORICO external storage devices

ORICO 3559RUS3 external disk array enclosure offers six set up a disk array modes, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 1 + 0, RAID 3, RAID5, Combine. ORICO for having five bits 3559RUS3 external disk array enclosure to He says, RAID 5 is suitable for its mode of operation, both read and write with a strong performance, but also the security of data protection, so with five red plate, but certainly suitable.

To use Orico 3559RUS3, of course, be accompanied with ORICO box customized version of the Western Digital red plate

Red plate stable and secure, is a good choice with 3559RUS3 of Orico

Life, together!

It is nothing out of the optional

A customized version of five red disk drives, domineering exposed

Hard frame with screw-free design, easy to use

Annex all white: USB 3.0, eSATA, an external power supply

Coupled with a customized version of Western Digital hard drive kits

5. ORICO HW RAID Manager


ORICO external disk array enclosure is equipped with HW RAID Manager disk array management software, the interface is intuitive and easy to operate, it has not ORICO 3559RUS3 external disk array enclosure back to set up manually.

Orico HW RAID Manager disk array management software

RAID status is not set

You can set the various RAID modes

Capacity after five 3TB hard disk RAID 0 has 13.9GB

Larger capacity with RAID 0 is the same

RAID 3 RAID 0 capacity compared with some discounts

There clone mode

RAID 5 RAID 3 with the same capacity

RAID 1 + 0 meager capacity

You can set the event e-mail notification, timely treatment

Orico 6518SUS3 to update the firmware

You can customize the hard disk standby time

6. RAID mode Introduction

◆ RAID mode Introduction

ORICO 3559RUS3 box provides five hard disk array formation modes, including RAID 0, RAID 1/10, RAID 3, RAID5, Combine, its different functions, let's explain.

RAID, English 'Redundant Array of Independent Disks' abbreviation, the Chinese name is called 'redundant array of independent disks', referred to as 'disk array'. ()


Combine mode, in fact, we are familiar with JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) mode, the Chinese name is called 'disk clusters', or simply on a plurality of disk space will be combined into one big logical disk, which does not have error recovery mechanisms.

Combine mode can use two or more hard disks, hard disk capacity is not limited, different capacity hard disk also, after Combine mode is set up so that the total capacity of the hard disk, for example using 1TB, 2TB, 3TB each one hard drive, set up after the completion of its usable capacity is 1TB + 2TB + 3TB = 6TB up.



RAID 0 is more than one disk will be tied together into one large disk, no data redundancy, since it is the continuous access of data across multiple disks, it has the fastest read and write speed in RIAD mode, but security is the worst kind, as long as any of a hard drive problem, will cause the entire RAID data storage systems crash, for large capacity storage is not recommended.

RIAD 0 mode and Combine / Jbod look very similar, in fact, very different way of working, RAID 0 mode hard disk in parallel, that is, multiple hard drives simultaneously, while the Combine / Jbod serial hard drive mode, and only will be filled after the first hard disk a second hard disk write operation.


RAID 1 mode is more than two sets of N hard disk mirror each other, the actual capacity of the hard disk equal to the smaller hard disk capacity than the single disk storage speed slightly, but security is very good, with the same data unless the primary disk mirroring At the same damage, or as long as a normal disk to maintain the operation, for maximum reliability.

RAID 3 and RAID 3


RIAID 3 mode uses a Bit- interleaving (data interleaved memory) technology, then it needs to encoded data bits in the hard disk partition, respectively, and there will be a separate special inspection after a year's hard drive, but because of the scattered bits of data within on different drives, so even if you want to read a short data you may need all of the hard work, so this specification more suitable to use when reading large amounts of data.


RAID 5 is a storage performance, data security and storage costs of both storage solutions, it uses Disk Striping (hard disk partition) technology.

RAID 5 requires at least three hard disk, the mode is not for data storage backup, but the data and the corresponding parity information is stored on each disk consisting of RAID5 and parity information and data corresponding respectively stored on different disks. when a disk RAID5 data is damaged, you can use the rest of the data and corresponding parity information to recover corrupted data.

RAID 5 can be understood as a compromise RAID 0 and RAID 1. RAID 5 provides data security for the system, but the level of protection than mirroring low disk space utilization higher than the mirror.

RAID 5 and RAID 0 has approximating the data read speed, simply because one more parity information, write data at a fairly slow, the use of 'write-back cache' can make a lot of performance improvement. At the same time due to the a plurality of data corresponding to a parity information, RAID 5 disk space utilization than RAID 1 high storage costs relatively cheap.

RAID 0 + 1 and RAID 1 + 0

RAID 1 + 0:

RAID 1 + 0 is the first mirror and then partitioned data, and then all of the hard disk divided into two groups, considered to be the lowest combination of RAID 0, and then these two groups are each treated as RAID 1 operation.

RAID 0 + 1:

RAID 0 + 1 is a program with RAID 1 + 0, contrary to the first partition and then two hard disk to mirror data. It's all hard disk divided into two groups, into a combination of RAID 1 the lowest, and the two groups regarded as RAID 0 hard disk each operation.

In performance, RAID 0 + 1 than RAID 1 + 0 with faster read and write speed on the reliability, the RAID 1 + 0 there is a damaged hard disk, will continue to operate the remaining three drives. RAID 0 + 1 as long as there a hard disk is damaged, with another group of RAID 0 hard disk will only stop working, leaving only two hard disk operation, reliability is low. Thus, RAID 10 RAID 01 far more common, the vast majority of retail motherboards support RAID 0/1/5/10, but does not support RAID 01.

ORICO 3559RUS3 external disk array enclosure to support RAID 1 + 0, does not support RAID 0 + 1.

7. Orico 3559RUS3 read and write performance test

◆ Benchmark: AS SSD Benchmark

Combine performance mode

Combine performance mode

In Combine mode, read and write performance of 143MB / s or so, and in RAID 5 mode, the performance improved a lot, read the disk reach 167MB / s, write can be as large 153MB / s.

◆ Benchmark: Crystal Disk Mark

Combine performance mode

RAID 5 mode performance

In Combine mode, read and write performance of 150MB / s or so, and in RAID 5 mode, the performance improved a lot, read the disk reach 187MB / s, write can be as large 166MB / s.

◆ Benchmark: FastCopy Read

Combine performance mode

Combine performance mode

In Combine mode, read the disk performance of 139MB / s or so, and in RAID 5 mode, the performance improved a lot, read the disk reaches 172MB / s.

◆ Benchmark: FastCopy Write

Combine performance mode

Combine performance mode

In Combine mode, the write performance of 143MB / s or so, and in RAID 5 mode, the performance improved a lot, read the disk reaches 167MB / s.

◆ Benchmark: FastCopy Read

In the HD Tune test, the reader can clearly see in Combine mode and RAID 5 mode to read and write circumstances. Write operation mode under RAID5 Combine many relatively flat, no ups and downs Combine that kind of phenomenon.

Combine performance mode

RAID5 mode performance

In Combine mode, the average read the disk performance of 112MB / s or so, and in RAID 5 mode, the performance improved a lot, read the disk reaches 142MB / s.

◆ Benchmark: FastCopy Write

Combine performance mode

RIAD5 mode performance

In Combine mode, the average write performance of 105MB / s or so, and in RAID 5 mode, read the disk reach 1120MB / s.