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Ao Song robots | RB-150MG steering gear | metal teeth large torque | torque 180 degrees | robot accessories

Ao Song robots | RB-150MG steering gear | metal teeth large torque | torque 180 degrees | robot accessories
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Product parameters:

  • Compatible Platform: Other
  • Brand: RobotBase / Orson Robot
  • Model: RB-04M006
  • Model: RB-04M006
  • Size: 13x8x9cm
  • material: plastic
  • Color classification: RB-150MG steering gear RB-150MG servo + metal rudder plate

This mode is the standard 180 degree steering gear, PWM control signal cycle 20ms, pulse width 0.5ms-2.5ms corresponding to the angle of -90 to +90 degrees, the range of 180 degrees (3) (0 degrees), if your device output does not meet the requirements of the control signal, it is not the effect.If your remote control receiver or control The output signal is not in the range of 0.5ms-2.5ms, that steering gear range is less than 180 degrees, pro do not understand, please consult online customer service, if the buyer does not see the parameters are not consult the direct error Purchase, resulting in the return policy, the buyer to bear all the costs, hereby declare.

RB-150MG is a generation of all-metal tooth large torque large angle range of the robot dedicated servo servo, the internal motor for the DC brush hollow cup motor, the internal use of iron-free rotor, with high energy conversion efficiency, The brake response is fast, the operation stability is reliable, the self-adaptability is strong, the electromagnetic interference is less, etc., is small in size and light in weight compared with the same power core motor; the servo feedback potentiometer adopts the conductive plastic potentiometer Precision and wear degree is much better than the line Rao potentiometer; motor control integrated circuit (IC) using digital chip and power switch composed of H bridge circuit, voltage control bipolar drive with a faster response time, High positioning accuracy, good anti-jamming ability and other advantages, beyond the traditional steering gear is more suitable for robot and aircraft model widely used.

In recent years, China's robot and aircraft model market, high-end steering gear has been the United States, Japan, South Korea's manufacturers control, a lot of robot enthusiasts and model players that domestic manufacturers have better than the steering gear, this is not a correct evaluation . A steering gear evaluation from a wide range of considerations, consumers most consider is the price, I think the price is not necessarily good, only in the appropriate areas of application, meet the requirements and the most reasonable price, that is the most Ok.

As a result of the market, the current domestic steering gear manufacturers to provide the main use of the steering gear, for the torque size, corner range and other properties are only applicable to most of the field of aircraft model, versatility is not strong enough, and some use in the robot is not a corner The size of the small, is the size is unreasonable, or that is not enough torque in the field of robots is not necessarily appropriate, while the Chinese robot market has not been as mature as abroad, so find a suitable robot steering gear is not so easy, the current Many businesses on the Internet (non-robot domain manufacturers) blindly pursue low prices to attract consumers, to provide competitive market share, it has not done the actual performance of the servo test and related products, technical research, no exaggeration to say Some businesses simply did not do the robot, and even asked him the steering gear torque unit kgcm are not clear, this business recommend to your product you will accept it? This will not promote the Chinese robot market sustainable development, will only let More people engaged in the field of robots disappointed.

Faster response time, no reaction area is small, high positioning accuracy, strong anti-interference ability compatibility

High energy conversion efficiency, fast response to activation of the brake response, reliable operation, strong adaptability, less electromagnetic interference

Metal tooth large torque steering gear

  • 1. Weight: 56g
  • 2. Size : 40.8 mm X 20.1 mm X 38 mm
  • 3. Operating voltage : 5V-7.2V
  • 4. Use temperature : 0 ° C to 60 ° C
  • 5. No load speed : 0.16 sec / 60 degrees (6V); 0.14 sec / 60 degrees (7.2 V)
  • 6. Torque size : 13Kg · cm (5V) 15KG · cm (6V) 16KG · cm (7.2V)
  • 7. Dead zone setting : 10us
  • 8. Annex : Round rudder plate, the end of the rudder angle, cross rudder angle, flower rudder angle, half-angle, fastening screws, shock rubber pad, copper sets, rudder fixed nail.

Metal rudder plate cross hole internal thread metal rocker standard servo general purpose robot

Can be installed in the standard micro servo servo output shaft, can also be used with the steering gear fixed joint parts