Okumatsu robot | RB-150MG servos | metal teeth large torque | Torque 180 | Robot Accessories

Okumatsu robot | RB-150MG servos | metal teeth large torque | Torque 180 | Robot Accessories

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: RobotBase / Ozon robot
  • Model: RB-04M006
  • Model: RB-04M006
  • Dimensions: 13x8x9cm
  • material: plastic
  • Color Classification: RB-150MG Servo RB-150MG metal rudder servo +

note : The large number of model aircraft enthusiasts and robotics enthusiasts who pay attention to it as a standard servo section 180 degrees servo, PWM control signal cycle 20ms, pulse width 0.5ms-2.5ms angle corresponding to the -90 to +90 degrees, 180 degrees! (about 3 degrees deviation), when the pulse width 1.5ms servo neutral point (0 degrees), if your output device can not meet the requirements of the control signal, it is not up to the effect. If your remote control receiver or the controller output signal is not within the range of 0.5ms-2.5ms, it is not up to steering angle range of 180 degrees, as well as the pro did not understand, please consult the online customer service, if the buyer does not see the parameter description consultation direct purchase error, returns caused the buyer to bear all the costs, it is hereby declared.

RB-150MG is Okumatsu robot generation launch all-metal teeth large torque angle range of the robot servo dedicated servo motor for its internal use of brushed DC coreless motor, internal rotor iron-free, has a high energy conversion efficiency, activate brake fast response, reliable operation stability, strong adaptability, less electromagnetic interference, etc., with the same power as compared to the core motor small size, light weight; servo feedback potentiometer with conductive plastic potentiometer, which precision and degree of wear much better than the line Rao potentiometer; motor control integrated circuit (IC) chip digital power switching bridge circuit consisting of H, bipolar drive voltage control mode has a faster response, no small reaction zone range, high precision, anti-interference ability and good compatibility advantages over traditional steering gear more suited to the robot and the model aircraft is widely used in the field.

In recent years, China's high-end market, the robot and the model aircraft steering gear has been the United States, Japan, South Korea manufacturers control, a lot of players that robot enthusiasts and model aircraft servos domestic manufacturers overseas better than poor, this is incorrect evaluation . a servo reviews from many considerations, consumers are most likely to consider is cost-effective, in my opinion expensive is not necessarily good, and only in appropriate areas of application, and the most reasonable price to meet the requirements, it is the most Ok.

Due to the market, the current domestic manufacturers of steering servo main supply model aircraft used for the size of torque, angle range is only applicable to most other properties model aircraft field, versatility is not strong enough, and some are not used on the robot corner small-scale, size is unreasonable, or is not big enough torque in the field of robotics is not necessarily appropriate. the Chinese market is not as mature robot as foreign, so finding a suitable robot servo is not so easy now many online businesses (non-robotics manufacturers) the blind pursuit of low prices to attract consumers, provide competitiveness to gain market share, the actual performance testing technology and related products, its steering is not done, no exaggeration to say some businesses simply did not have robots, and even asked him steering torque unit kgcm are not exactly explain, this business recommend to your products would you accept it? do not contribute to the sustainable development of China's robot market, will only make more people engaged in the field of robotics disappointed.

Faster response, small no response zone range, high precision, strong anti compatibility

High energy conversion efficiency, activating the brake fast response, reliable operation stability, strong adaptability, less electromagnetic interference

High torque metal gear servos

  • 1. Size Weight: 56g
  • 2. Size: 40.8mm X 20.1mm X 38mm
  • 3. Working voltage: 5V-7.2V
  • 4. Operating temperature: 0 ℃ -60 ℃
  • 5. No-load speed: 0.16 seconds / 60 degrees (6V); 0.14 sec / 60 degree (7.2V)
  • 6. Torque Size: 13Kg · cm (5V) 15KG · cm (6V) 16KG · cm (7.2V)
  • 7. deadband setting: 10us
  • 8. Accessories: Round the helm, the word rudder angle, cross steering angle, steering angle flower word, half-width, fastening screws, shockproof rubber, copper sleeve, self-tapping screws fixed helm.

Cross-hole metal rudder servo universal standard threaded metal rocker arm robot dedicated

It can be installed in a standard Micro Servo output shaft to be fixed with the steering joint parts use