Choseal / Akihabara Q603 HDMI cable | HD cable version 2.0 4K3D PC-TV cable 35 m

Choseal / Akihabara Q603 HDMI cable | HD cable version 2.0 4K3D PC-TV cable 35 m

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Choseal / Akihabara
  • Model: Q603
  • Process: Gold
  • Color Classification: Classic - Flat QQ002 enhanced version - Tongxin bold Q603
  • Suitable for: TV
  • Interface Type: HDMI A Type
  • Material: OFC
  • Length: 1 m 1.5 m 2 m 3 m 5 m 8 m 10 m 12 m 15 m 20 m 25 m 30 m 35 m
  • Service: shop three packs

Product desciption:

Brand: Akihabara / Choseal

product name:Akihabara HDMI cable

Product number: Q603

Product packaging: Environmental carton packaging

Plug type: Sand silver metal housing, durable, Non-magnetic copper 24K gold-plated plug

product Length: 1 m , 1.5 m , 2 m , 3 meters , 5 m , 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters , 25 meters , 30 meters

! January 10, a new 35 meters paperback with chip Model: Q8302

Conductor wire core: High purity 4N oxygen-free copper conductor, core line 24AWGX Gauge

Description: (24AWGX transmission line can be 30 meters or less

26AWGX can transmit less than 12 meters

28AWGX can transmit 8 meters

30AWGX can transfer 5 m or less)

If oxygen-free copper conductor wire conductor above

Product Features:

1. Support 3D image;

2. Support TV refresh rates up to 120Hz;

3. The use of 24K gold-plated terminals and high-purity oxygen-free copper conductor carefully crafted to minimize signal attenuation;

4. The transmission speed of up to 10.2Gbps;

5. Support Ethernet functionality and high-speed two-way communication, that supports this feature to send and receive data via Fast Ethernet, interconnected functions;

6. Support high-definition video (more than four times the 1080p) 4096 * 2160p

7. Support hot-swappable plug and play, easy to use;

8. Akihabara advanced technology design, with network transport functions for digital home appliances versatile transport, make all kinds of digital home appliances interoperability.

9.hdmi wire connector design, the use of titanium silver shell material, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, joint flat and narrow is the new joint-shaped design for users to wear hose and use.