Is Yue genuine outside micrometer 0-25mm 0.01 micrometer instrument | Industrial Digital Micrometer

Is Yue genuine outside micrometer 0-25mm 0.01 micrometer instrument | Industrial Digital Micrometer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: zy / is Yue
  • Model: 6001
  • Color Classification: Industrial 0-25mm inlay alloy inlaid alloy industrial grade industrial grade 50-75mm 25-50mm inlay alloy inlaid alloy industrial grade industrial grade 100-125mm 75-100mm inlay alloy inlaid alloy industrial grade industrial grade 150-175mm 125-150mm inlay alloy inlaid alloy industrial grade industrial grade 175-200mm 200-225mm 225-250mm inlay alloy inlaid alloy industrial industrial industrial 275-300mm 250-275mm inlaid alloy inlaid alloy alone digital 0-25mm inlay alloy significantly increase the number of engraved lines 0-25mm
  • Type: OD

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specification Range Accuracy price
Industrial 0-25mm 0-25mm 0.01mm ¥38
Industrial 25-50mm 25-50mm 0.01mm ¥45
Industrial 50-75mm 50-75mm 0.01mm ¥55
Industrial 75-100mm 75-100mm 0.01mm ¥63
Industrial 100-125mm 100-125mm 0.01mm ¥70
Industrial 125-150mm 125-150mm 0.01mm ¥80
Industrial 150-175mm 150-175mm 0.01mm ¥90
Industrial 175-200mm 175-200mm 0.01mm ¥98
Industrial 200-225mm 200-225mm 0.01mm ¥170
Industrial 225-250mm 225-250mm 0.01mm ¥180
Industrial 250-275mm 250-275mm 0.01mm ¥190
Industrial 275-300mm 275-300mm 0.01mm ¥200
Alone digital display 0-25 0-25mm 0.001mm ¥160
Digital plus engraved lines 0-25 0-25mm 0.001mm ¥190

Screw micrometer, also known as micrometer screw micrometer, micrometer, than the caliper of more sophisticated measurement of the length of the tool, use it to measure the length can be accurate to 0.01mm, the measurement range of a few centimeters. Part of it is processed into 0.5mm pitch thread, when it is rotated in a fixed sleeve collar B, the forward or backward, active cannula C and a screw integral, its peripherals, such as divided into 50 separate compartments. screw rotates full circle the number of intervals by a fixed sleeve 0.5mm engraved lines to measure, in part to inadequate lap measured by the activity surrounding the sleeve groove.

Micrometer zero adjustment

Micrometer before the measurement must be calibrated to zero. The methods are as follows

Measuring range 0-25mm micrometer, differential rotation of the cylinder, and when the test bars on both sides about the anvil contact rotational force measuring mechanism, the two faces gently touch, when Dynamometer issued 'Kaka' peristalsis after the sound to the reading. this is a zero differential cylinder engraved lines should be fixed with reference to return to the sleeve, differential cylinder surface also coincides with the right edge of the zero line engraved sleeve fixed tangent or differential cylinder section left (off-line ) or cover (pressure line) fixed sleeve engraved zero line, but off-line shall not exceed 0.1mm, the pressure line must not be greater than 0.05mm. If zero does not meet the requirements, respond to the zero adjustment.

After the measurement range of more than 25mm for the micrometer size should be placed between two anvils and test bars measuring surface of its measuring measurement limit adjustment (also known as proofing or proofreading amount holding bars) adjust.

If allowed to zero, press the following steps to adjust.

  1. Use force measuring device, turn the micrometer screw so that the measured two bars and the anvil surface contact measurement.
  2. Locking micrometer screw.
  3. Inside micrometer special wrench into the fixed sleeve holes, pull the switch fixed casing, the fixing sleeve longitudinal groove and differential cylinder aligned with the zero line.
  4. If the deviation is larger zero line, will need to use a small screwdriver tighten loose screws on the casing, and micrometer screw with differential cylinder loose, turn the differential cylinder, preliminary adjustments and fine-tuning in step 3 above .
  5. Zero adjustment must be made of the differential cylinder sleeve edges and fixed zero engraved lines coincide, but to make the zero line on the differential cylinder aligned with the longitudinal groove fixed sleeve.

Micrometer cell represents a small coat of 0.01mm, a total of 50 small cell, I.e. the circle is 0.5mm. The scale shows the inner sleeve of the jacket is how many laps turn.

If not more than 0.5mm, depends coat; if more than 0.5mm,

Reading is set within a jacket reading together

1.A level ESD protection.

2. Function: Switching; metric conversion; arbitrary zero position.

3.Carbide probe.

4.Resolution: 0.001mm / 0.00005 '.

5. A significant number of 3V lithium batteries (CR1632), digital plus scribing 3V lithium battery (CR2032), battery life of more than one year.

6. Data output.

7. fast response, no overspeed error conditions occur.

8. supreme power failure crash.

9. Automatic power-off.

Large screen, any position to zero, metric conversion, switch three function keys

+ Digital micrometer scale using a single digital micrometer is used

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