Is Yue authentic diameter micrometer 0-25mm 0.01 spiral micrometer instrument | industrial micrometer digital display

Is Yue authentic diameter micrometer 0-25mm 0.01 spiral micrometer instrument | industrial micrometer digital display

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: zy / is Yue
  • Model: 6001
  • Color classification: Industrial grade 0-25mm Inset alloy Industrial grade 25-50mm Inlaid alloy Industrial grade 50-75mm Inlaid alloy Industrial grade 75-100mm Inlaid alloy Industrial grade 100-125mm Inlaid alloy Industrial grade 125-150mm Inlaid alloy Industrial grade 150-175mm Inlaid alloy industrial grade 175-200mm inlaid alloy industrial grade 200-225mm inlaid alloy industrial grade 225-250mm inlaid alloy industrial grade 250-275mm inlaid alloy industrial grade 275-300mm inlaid alloy single digital display 0-25mm inlaid alloy digital plus groove 0-25mm
  • Type: OD

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specification Range Precision price
Industrial 0-25mm 0-25mm 0.01mm ¥38
Industrial grade 25-50mm 25-50mm 0.01mm ¥45
Industrial grade 50-75mm 50-75 mm 0.01mm ¥55
Industrial grade 75-100mm 75-100 mm 0.01mm ¥63
Industrial grade 100-125mm 100-125 mm 0.01mm ¥70
Industrial grade 125-150mm 125-150 mm 0.01mm ¥80
Industrial grade 150-175mm 150-175 mm 0.01mm ¥90
Industrial grade 175-200mm 175-200 mm 0.01mm ¥98
Industrial grade 200-225mm 200-225 mm 0.01mm ¥170
Industrial grade 225-250mm 225-250 mm 0.01mm ¥180
Industrial grade 250-275mm 250-275 mm 0.01mm ¥190
Industrial grade 275-300mm 275-300 mm 0.01mm ¥200
Single digital display 0-25 0-25mm 0.001 mm ¥160
Digital plus groove 0-25 0-25mm 0.001 mm ¥190

Spiral micrometer, also known as micrometer, spiral micrometer, sub-PCT card, vernier caliper than the more precise measurement of the length of the tool, with its length can be measured accurately to 0.01mm, measuring a few centimeters. A screw thread with a pitch of 0.5 mm will advance or retract when it rotates in the sleeve of the fixed sleeve B. The movable sleeve C and the screw are integrally formed and the periphery thereof is equally divided into 50 divisions. The number of 0.5mm from the fixed casing interval line to measure, less than a part of the activities of the casing around the groove to measure.

Micrometer zero adjustment

Micrometer Before calibration, the zero point must be checked

The micrometer measuring range 0-25mm, turn the differential tube, when the bar and the anvil on both sides of the surface is about to touch, turn the force measuring mechanism, so that both sides of the light touch, when the force of the body issued a 'Kaka' After the sound, you can read this is the micro-cylinder zero-line should be fixed with the sleeve back to the benchmark, the differential cylinder is also just fixed with the zero-groove line tangent to the right side of the cross-section or micro-cylinder separation (offline ) Or cover the zero line of the fixed casing, but not more than 0.1mm off-line, the pressure line shall not be greater than 0.05mm.If the zero does not meet the requirements, the zero should be adjusted.

For a micrometer with a measuring range greater than 25 mm, the adjustment gauge (also known as the proofing or proofing bar) with its lower measuring limit should be placed between the measuring bar and the measuring anvil.

If the zero is not allowed, then follow the steps below to adjust.

  1. Using a force measuring device, turn the micrometer screw so that the measuring bar and the anvil contact both measuring surfaces.
  2. Lock the micrometer screw.
  3. With a special micrometer wrench inserted into the fixed casing of the hole, pull the fixed casing, so that fixed casing longitudinal line and micro-cylinder alignment zero line.
  4. If the deviation from the zero line is large, need to use a small screwdriver to tighten the fastening screw on the fixed casing loose, and the micro-screw and the differential cylinder loose, turn the differential tube, the initial adjustment, and then step 3 above .
  5. To adjust the zero position, make the edge of the differential cylinder coincide with the zero line on the fixed casing, and align the zero line on the differential cylinder with the longitudinal line on the fixed casing.

A small gauge of the micrometer jacket represents 0.01mm, a total of 50 cells, That is, a circle is 0.5mm. The inner set of the scale shows how many turns the coat turns.

If not more than 0.5mm, depends on the jacket; if more than 0.5mm,

Readings are read together with the inner jacket plus jacket

1.Class A electrostatic protection.

2. Function: switch; metric conversion; arbitrary zero position.

3.Carbide probe.

4.Resolution: 0.001 mm / 0.00005 '.

5. The number of significant 3V lithium battery (CR1632), the number of significant plus groove 3V lithium battery (CR2032), battery life of more than one year.

6. Data output.

7. Fast response speed, no speed error occurred.

8. No power failure crashes.

9. Automatic power off.

Large screen, zero-arbitrary position, the metric conversion, the switch three function keys

Digital + scale micrometer is used, the number of single-micrometer is used

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