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12V150AH battery-powered lead-acid battery maintenance-free UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V power supply

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: power foot
  • Model: DL150-12
  • Suitable for: lighting

'Voltage' 12V

'Capacity' 150ah

'Life' 3-4 years

'Maintenance' Maintenance-free

'Weight' 41kg

'Size' 485 * 170 * 242 * 242mm (L * W * H * H)

Battery default logistics, green freight, you need to pro to the freight station from mentioning. Photographed can contact customer service to modify the freight!

1) The battery can not be short-circuit the two poles, the shell is prohibited collision, charging and discharging process is best to maintain the legislation is placed, can not be placed in the honey sealed battery space must be kept ventilated

2) Please try to use constant current constant voltage battery charger

(Overcharge) will shorten the battery life; long time too low charge (not sufficient) will affect the load work or cause voltage anomalies. Charge is best to use constant current limiting charger. Do not charge in parallel, Otherwise it will shorten the battery life. Charging must first charge the positive (red), negative (black) charging clip corresponding to clip the battery, do not reverse.Fill, turn off the power switch, and then take the battery clip

4) The battery is put three months to add electricity, to keep the battery full of electricity is the best way to save

5) Do not place the battery near the fire source or incineration of the battery, the battery can not be decomposed, transformation

In case of non-manpower reasons, you may receive a slight leakage of the battery, this is normal, does not affect the battery performance and service life. Just wipe clean, the battery can be put into use after a day .

1. Valve-controlled sealed battery without acid and maintenance, is strictly prohibited in the process of opening the top cover

2. After the factory, must be charged once every 6 months

3. Please check the appearance of the battery before use, the use of the process should avoid strong vibration or mechanical damage, the battery must be charged immediately after discharge

4. Battery installation must be carried out by professionals, such as accidental battery shell rupture, exposure to sulfuric acid, rinse with plenty of water, if necessary, please seek medical treatment

5. Recycle temperature is recommended at 5 ℃-35 ℃, the battery is strictly prohibited rain, soaking

6. Install and transport the battery should be uniform force, the force should be part of the battery shell, to avoid damage to the pole

7. When the batteries are used in parallel, please arrange them according to the polarity of "+" and "-". The distance between the batteries can not be less than -15mm

8. In the battery connection process, please wear protective gloves, torque wrenches and other metal tools, please insulated metal packaging tools, metal tools must be avoided at the same time to contact the battery positive and negative terminals

9. If you need to use the battery in parallel, generally not more than three groups (only) in parallel

10. Connect the positive terminal of the battery (group) to the positive terminal of the device and the negative terminal of the secondary battery (group) to the negative terminal of the device and fix the connecting line

11. Use the upper and lower battery container with ventilation holes for heat dissipation. The temperature of the storage room must be between -20 ℃ -40 ℃. The battery should not be near the fire source, away from the heat source and avoid direct sunlight.

12. Do not use a dry cloth or duster, etc. Do not use chemical cleaning agent to clean the battery.

13. Do not repair or disassemble the battery yourself, otherwise the internal corrosive substance may cause damage, and should be maintained in the repair shop. When removing the cover sheet or loading, avoid the flaw defects, which will affect the normal use of the battery.