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HM PH-200 precision pH test pen ph water quality testing pen and paper ph200 drinking water quality detection pen

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: HM
  • Series: PH
  • Model: 200
  • Color Classification: PH200 VAT invoice (sent TDS139 test agent chlorine test pen +) PH200 ordinary invoices (to send to send TDS139 test agent chlorine test pen +) PH200 machine-printed receipt (to send to send TDS139 test pen + chlorine test agent)


PH pen is a consumable item, this product is special, no matter what brand, what type, PH electrode is no warranty that our PH pen case of non-replaceable electrode, the bad thrown away, there is no way to repair, PH200 is a removable electrode host year warranty human damage, no damage to the electrode warranty, the cost of the electrode 120, the bad and our company can buy 120 yuan cost! pro who received the goods please check the product is intact under, any questions 7 days can be returned, 7 days a damaged electrode buyer to bear the cost of the electrodes!

Correction Kit (one each powder packet 4710) is described with reference to the specific use of correction methods, how to configure the calibration solution: Each packet of powder were dissolved in 250 ml of distilled water is half a catty, can be formulated as a 4 PH of PH 7 PH standard solution 10! cool place with a good correction fluid, each time with a little use, can be used a lot of time, such as after running out with us you can buy 30 per set, first-time buyers to send a set!

1: Why South Korea HM brand?

Korea HM brand was founded in 1987, focused on water quality testing more than 20 years, the introduction of high-tech talent and the purchase of advanced production equipment, the company has gradually developed into a production and quality testing equipment professional enterprises, products have been exported to more than 30 countries around the world, particularly tester RO is associated, enjoy a high reputation in the international community.

2: the price issue

This is our great concern, a penny goods, quality assurance! Korea HM brand belonging to our water quality tester industry leading brands! We believe the power of brands, the quality of power! We recommend that you choose our genuine products, sale and get quality double protection.

3:Products have warranty? Easy fault it?

Provide three-year warranty human damage, strict implementation of European standards for manufacturing, the factory has passed strict quality control check and 24 hours Found seized goods, the repair rate is very low feedback! Normal use is not bad.

4: After successful payment when shipped, the product is a precision instrument, transit will not be crushed?

Intraday 17:00 unified delivery arrangements (at 5:00 before completion of the subscription can be shipped the same day). Compression packaging products to take measures, please rest assured purchase!

This product warranty for one year. Electrode is not covered by the warranty. If you have questions after the goods to be returned within 7 days prior to the acceptance of goods be sure to check whether the electrode damage. If damaged, please refused. Our product packaging good, but only preventing this problem, it is desirable