Counting scales | Electronic scales | Balance scales 3/6/15 / 30kg

Counting scales | Electronic scales | Balance scales 3/6/15 / 30kg

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Friends of sound
  • Weight: Red 3kg / 0.1g Weight: 6kg / 0.2g Weight: Red: 15kg / 0.5g Weight: Red: 15kg / G Weight Black 30 kg / 1 g Count 3 kg / 0.1 g Count 6 kg / 0.2 g Count 15 kg / 0.5 g Count 30 kg / 1 g

On the balance model change notice in the balance count, said re-weighing model: 3kg Model: BT-3000, 6kg Model: BT-6000, 15kg Model: BH-1 5, 30kg Model: BH-30

Note 1: Customization needs to be completed in the working day, it may cause delay in delivery, if in doubt please contact customer service. Another special note, such as custom RS232 and relay customers, who apply for seven days no reason to refund, the custom fee of 100 yuan / Taiwan will not be returned, mind the pro carefully shot!

Note 2: After customizing RS232, please purchase the serial cable according to your requirements: If your computer has a hardware serial port, configure a 'straight-through' serial cable; if your computer does not have a serial port, you can configure USB to RS232 adapter cable Cheap USB-RS232 cable there is a serious baud rate of the situation, please carefully selected).