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Projection screen M3-FI / 300s 150-inch 16: 9 JK Projector screen Curtain electric screen

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Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: by the Division
  • Model: M3-FI / 300s 150 inches
  • Curtain material: gray glass fiber white glass fiber
  • Curtain type: electric screen
  • Curtain type: front projection screen
  • Size: 101 inches (inclusive) -150 inches (inclusive)
  • Proportion: 16: 9
  • Gain multiplier: 1x

The new model: M3-FI / 300s electric pull the screen (the original model HD-E30 MKIII ST), product configuration remains unchanged, only the factory model re-classified, the screen surface to maintain long flat, not curling.

Static screen photo effect