AIA active solder wire Sn63PBA 1.0MM 0.8MM63% tin content Rosin | welding

AIA active solder wire Sn63PBA 1.0MM 0.8MM63% tin content Rosin | welding

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: AIA
  • Model: Sn63PbA
  • Item No: 1.5MM
  • Color Classification: 0.3MM roll (weight 500 g) 0.8MM volume (net weight 100 g) 1.0MM volume (net weight 100 g) 0.5MM roll (weight 250 g) 0.8MM roll (weight 250 g) 1.0MM roll (weight 250 g) 0.5MM roll (weight 500 g) 0.8MM roll (weight 500 g) 1.0MM roll (weight 500 g) 1.2MM roll (weight 500 g) 1.5MM roll (weight 500 g) 2.0MM roll (weight 500 g) 2.3MM roll (weight 500 g) 0.8MM roll (weight one kilogram) 1.0MM roll (weight one kilogram) 1.2MM roll (weight one kilogram) 1.5MM a volume (weight one kilogram) 2.0MM roll (weight one kilogram) 2.3MM roll (weight one kilogram)

Welding each customer's environment, materials, requirements are very different.

AIA SN63PBA wire, individual customers may not be suitable.

SN63PBA FY-9901 is equipped with flux.

Welding Problem short description:
Q: occasional splash?
A: The inner solder wire rosin component is instantaneously heated to high temperatures swell, causing spatter.

SN63PBA this rarely feedback splash. Itself soldering temperature requirements low.
Soldering iron tip temperature down on the solder joints or preheating, sending tin.

Lead solder wire, welding process is relatively lower than unleaded.
Q: soldering iron stick?
A: The temperature is not enough iron, the tip may have the impurities

Increasing the temperature or power under test. Tip wash, try spotting rosin.
Q: The more heat a solder black matte??
A: The welding temperature is too high, the welding time is too long, can cause oxidation of rosin black, dull.
Q: What about too messy?
A: The main focus of this fine 0.5MM in diameter, about the irregular winding machine really -_- !.
Q: too little, picture Large cargo volume is small?
A: receive the goods, please compare the specifications label shot weight.
Q: garbage?
A: pro, let me how back then.
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Using high-tech formula flux technology, after years of painstaking research and production of activated rosin wire with excellent wettability, solder joint reliability, etc., electrical and electronics industry is one of the most versatile products.

Can supply diameter 0.5--9.0mm Single and three-core solder wire, these products have a welding speed, rapid melting, spatter, spot clean, full, bright, etc., various types of active solder adapted to the different contemporary industry base metal welding Qian crafts

FY-9901Type activity of solder wire ——meets the GB3131-2001Standard RM A specification for electronics, instrumentation, electronics, PCB welding.

FY - 9902High-performance solder wire ——meets the GB3131-2001Standard RA Level specification, suitable for difficult welding base metal fine wire, such as zinc, nickel, Kovar alloy, welding Dumet, beryllium copper member.

FY - 9903Capacitor dedicated solder wire ——meets the GB3131-2001Standard RA level specifications, Sn60A Capacitor dedicated solder wire is applied to the capacitor manufacturing industry, the end face sprayed zinc layer capacitor (Zn ) And sprayed directly on to achieve gold alloy layer Qian soft solder connection, high-performance solder wire, solder having Qian fast, bright, beautiful, reliable joint quality and other characteristics, and is suitable for difficult welding base metal Qian welding such as: plating Ni Parts, plating Zn Member, the United States and Du silk, bronze, etc..