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AIA active solder wire Sn63PBA 1.0MM 0.8MM63% tin content of rosin type

AIA active solder wire Sn63PBA 1.0MM 0.8MM63% tin content of rosin type
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: allies
  • Model: Sn63PbA
  • Item: 1.5MM
  • Color classification: 0.3MM a volume (weight 500 grams) 0.8MM a volume (net weight 100 grams) 1.0MM a volume (net weight 100 grams) 0.5MM a volume (weight 250 grams) 0.8MM a volume (weight 250 grams) 1.0MM A volume (weight 250 grams) 0.5MM a volume (weight 500 grams) 0.8MM a volume (weight 500 grams) 1.0MM a volume (weight 500 grams) 1.2MM a volume (weight 500 grams) 1.5MM a volume (weight 500 G) 2.0MM a volume (weight 500 grams) 2.3MM a volume (weight 500 grams) 0.8MM a volume (weight of a kilogram) 1.0MM a volume (weight of a kilogram) 1.2MM a volume (weight of a kilogram) 1.5MM a Volume (weight of a kilogram) 2.0MM a volume (weight of a kilogram) 2.3MM a volume (weight of a kilogram)

Each customer welding environment, material, requirements are very different.

AIA SN63PBA solder wire, the individual customers are not necessarily suitable.

SN63PBA is equipped with FY-9901 type flux.

Short description of welding problems:
Q: Occasionally splashing?
A: The solder within the rosin composition is instantaneous high temperature heating expansion, resulting in splashing.

SN63PBA This is rarely feedback splash. The temperature of the welding itself is low.
The soldering iron temperature is lowered or the tip is preheated at the solder joint and sent to the tin.

Leaded solder wire, welding process requirements are relatively lower than lead free.
Q: solder stick soldering iron?
A: The soldering iron temperature is not enough, the tip may have impurities

Raise the temperature or power under the test. Soldering iron head to clean, Tu point rosin test.
Q: Welded for a little more glare?
A: The welding temperature is too high, welding time is too long, will cause rosin oxidation. Black, dull.
Q: around too messy?
A: mainly concentrated in the 0.5mm this fine wire diameter, winding machine is not around the neat -_- !.
Q: too little, big picture is a small volume?
A: Received goods, please compare the weight of the marked size.
Q: rubbish?
A: pro, let me go back
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The use of high-tech formula of flux technology, after years of painstaking research and production of activated rosin wire, with excellent wetting, reliable solder joints, etc., is the electrical and electronic industry, one of the most widely used products.

Can supply diameter 0.5 - 9.0mm Single-core and three-core solder wire, these products have a fast welding speed, melting quickly, less splash, solder joints clean, full, bright and so on, various types of reactive solder wire to adapt to the various industries of different metals base metal welding Process

FY-9901Type reactive solder wire -meets the GB3131-2001Standard RM A specification, suitable for electronics, instrumentation, home appliances, printed circuit board welding.

FY - 9902Type high performance solder wire -meets the GB3131-2001Standard RA Grade specifications for the welding of fine metal base metal excellent solder wire, such as galvanized, nickel, Kovar alloy, Du Mei silk, beryllium bronze pieces of welding.

FY - 9903Capacitors for solder wire -meets the GB3131-2001Standard RClass A specification, Sn60A Capacitor-specific solder wire is used in the capacitor manufacturing industry, the capacitor side spray zinc layer (Zn ) And sprayed gold alloy layer directly to achieve soft welding connection of high-performance solder wire, with welding speed, bright, beautiful, reliable quality joints, and other characteristics, and for refractory metal base metal welding such as: plating Ni Pieces, plating Zn Pieces, Du Meisi, beryllium bronze and so on.