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IDER / Yidian Z1 wireless WiFi network TV set-top box | Wall-mounted 3D 8-core Andrews HD player

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: IDER / Yidian Z1
  • Brand: IDER / Yi Code
  • Yi Code Model: Z1
  • Package Type: Package 1 Package 3 Package 2 Official standard
  • Color classification: distinguished white
  • Storage: plug-in storage
  • Player Category: Web Player
  • Subtitle format: SMI

Standard:Host, power adapter, AV cable, remote control, manual

Package A:Official standard + high-definition HDMI high-definition lineSuitable for all TV, HD or HDMI is good! recommended) .

Package II:The official standard + VGA high-definition video output box, with audio output (can be connected Monitors, projectors , With VGA interface, TV)

Package 3:The official standard + high-quality HDMI HD + VGA high-definition video output box, with audio output (a machine to get all of the current TV, monitors, projectors, can be connected).