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Carly perfume | Car perfume seat | Car Decoration

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Product parameters:

  • Perfume Category: Seat Perfume
  • Brand: Aite Li
  • Model: high-lun
  • Color Classification: Large high-Lun 80ml-700 Hong high-lun 80ml-fresh orange fragrant large high-lun 80ml-green lemon large high-lun 80ml-sour lemon small high-lun 40ml-700 small small high-lun 40ml-fresh orange fragrant small high-high 40ml-green Lemon small high-lun 40ml-sour lemon
  • Fragrance: floral notes
  • Aroma: Lemon flavor jasmine osmanthus fragrance other
  • Net content: 50mL (including) -100mL (including)
  • Material: Glass
  • Shape: square

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